Friday, 3 August 2018

Motat Trip 2018

Aloha blogging world,

Last week Friday me and my school went to Motat in Western Springs and it was fun. We also went there for our trip for school also when we got there it was so massive and humongous when we were arriving to Motat and I was so shocked. We learnt a lot of things like what their cars looked like and what they used to use for transport (trams, olden day bus). It was also very fun and enjoying being there because there was a trampoline and we got to go on it and we had to play this game while we were on it. After we finished exploring around Motat we got to go on a tram ride (what they used to use back in the olden days for transport). Once we finished on the tram ride we had a scavenger hunt and we had to find objects that people used to use in the past.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Trip Waikowhai intermesdite

Kio orana blogging world,

On Monday the 25th of June the year 6 students from my school Hay Park walked over to Waikowhai intermediate with Miss Berry. We went to there to see how it is for us when we are year 7 or 8 and so we can experience it so we know what we need to do. It was amazing and enjoyable because we got to go on a tour around some of the awesome classes in the school and we got to do some great, challenging and fun activities there as well. The activities that we did was Hard Tech, Food Tech, Art and Music but we only had to do one so I did Hard Tech and it was really fun and marvellous because we got to make a spinning top. I'm looking forward to going there and I can't wait to go to intermediate next year and it

Friday, 24 November 2017

Jk Rowling

What Happened today?

So today me and my reading group was doing an reading challenge and it was about our group name and my group name was called JK Rowling and we had to make poster presentation about our author name like find out about a lot of fact like when were they born and how did they start their career like information and things like it to find impressive and good. So that what we did for our poster presentation. Also you can learn new stuff and a new thing I learnt was that my author JK Rowling that she wrote the Harry Porter  book and she wrote every single part of the movie like the prisoner of Alakazam and other but that is a shocking fact that I found out today.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Reds Roar all the way through!

Malo lelei blogging world,

So yesterday It was my school athletics day. For you guys out there that don't know Athletic is an day that there are activities that are sport like from the Olympics like running and shot put and high jump those kind of stuff. Also It was a tough game but challenging and fun also it was tremendous. So after all of every team went to each activity we had to meet at the field for an ..... Tug war everyone was so jubilant and they did there immense, good chants my group the red team it went like "Give me a R you got you got you R Give me a e you got your e you gotcha e," and it went like that. So for Tug war the group that came first was the blue team then second was purple then orange then yellow and my team came last after that it was lunch time so after lunch we had to meet back in our teams for first, second, and third. Third place was Yellow and second with 853 point's was green and then first was ....... RED! my team with 857 point's and me and me team was shocked and we celebrated our prize was ice blocks and I hoped you enjoyed my blog post. Please give me feed back about my blog post thank you.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Hay Park School News

Hi blogging World,

Today news is about a i movie this i movie includes me in it. So me and two of my class mates made for my class assembly today so. We did because we were reading this text about Potato crisis hits New Zealand. So the text was about us running out of Potato here in New Zealand. But things that went well was mesmerising our parts and lines and other good things like it but things that didn't go well was how we always make an mistake but it has been very challenging trying to make this i movie I hope you enjoy me and my mates i movie enjoy!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

The first cyber smart lesson of the term

Bonjor blogging world,

Today I was doing cyber smart with my teacher that teach cyber smart Gerhard. So what me and my class were learning was how to be smart with Gerhard and we were talking about scenarios what would happen on line like chat fight's and inappropriate comments. Here is my video and to be smart and to don't give you password to anyone like your best friend.

Also here is my Task card about a inappropriate comment that was on my blog and that is what my task card about.


Friday, 29 September 2017

Last blog post for this term

Hello blogging world,

So toady it was my last day of school for term two so my teacher Miss Berry set up an magnificent task of bingo. So what we had to do was there were task that we had to do this is one right here blogging! I had to make an screencastfiy about what would like to learn about next term so I wrote engineering because I love learning about cars how they are bulid.
Here is my screecastify