Friday, 3 August 2018

Motat Trip 2018

Aloha blogging world,

Last week Friday me and my school went to Motat in Western Springs and it was fun. We also went there for our trip for school also when we got there it was so massive and humongous when we were arriving to Motat and I was so shocked. We learnt a lot of things like what their cars looked like and what they used to use for transport (trams, olden day bus). It was also very fun and enjoying being there because there was a trampoline and we got to go on it and we had to play this game while we were on it. After we finished exploring around Motat we got to go on a tram ride (what they used to use back in the olden days for transport). Once we finished on the tram ride we had a scavenger hunt and we had to find objects that people used to use in the past.


  1. Hi Raymondo,

    Wow you had a fabulous day at Motat and we really enjoyed reading your post. We especially liked your photos. Your blog post reminded us of when we went to Motat and we thoroughly enjoyed our time there too. Can you explain what you are doing in that bottom photograph?

    See ya! Room 6!

  2. Hi Raymand,

    You are doing something and it is, cool but I don't, really know what you, are doing you, are blowing something or, something. The thing is a shell or something I see what you are doing but what is, it that you, are blowing. Where was your trip to I mean, it is there but what was there. My question is what was at the place that you went to I mean what was at q#motat.