Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Trip Waikowhai intermesdite

Kio orana blogging world,

On Monday the 25th of June the year 6 students from my school Hay Park walked over to Waikowhai intermediate with Miss Berry. We went to there to see how it is for us when we are year 7 or 8 and so we can experience it so we know what we need to do. It was amazing and enjoyable because we got to go on a tour around some of the awesome classes in the school and we got to do some great, challenging and fun activities there as well. The activities that we did was Hard Tech, Food Tech, Art and Music but we only had to do one so I did Hard Tech and it was really fun and marvellous because we got to make a spinning top. I'm looking forward to going there and I can't wait to go to intermediate next year and it

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  1. Ki orana Raymond

    We really like your blog post about waikowhai intermediate.It has th the right punctuation.I really like how you included what there was there.Next time could you please add a photo of your spinning top. Also has the visit persawated you tbo got waikowhai.