Friday, 26 May 2017

The Orchestra trip

Hello blogging world,

Yesterday we went on trip to Mt Albert memorial for a orchestra trip. The hall was so big. Did you know a Orchestra is a group of wooden instruments, strings instruments and other instruments like tuba and a trumpet and drums. It was fun and it was so cool because when they all  play at the same time it sounds fabulous. There was a pink panther and he or she was so funny because he snatched the stick off the conductor. Also at the end of when the orchestra finished I went to the drumming place where the drums were I wanted to drum because drumming is one of my talent's so I stayed around the drums then suddenly ...... A person said to me "can you drum?" and I said "yes I can drum!" So then he said "give me a beat then," so I played the drums and everyone was shocked from my school because they saw me playing the drums for the first time at a trip so they clapped and shouted "nice one" then I was so shy and that is the end of my trip.

Here are some photo's from the trip that I went on.

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