Friday, 1 September 2017

Chicks explanation

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Today I was finishing my chicks explanation about the chicks that were in my class room before. The chicks that was in my class went last week on Friday because we only had them for only two week but it was it fun looking after them for all those times. But now I still miss them but the one that I miss a lot is this chick that we called Carlos because he reminded me of my friend in my rugby team. Over all here is my explanation how to take care of chicks.

How to care for chicks


A chick type young bird the will eventually grow into a chicken. They are known as chicks when they are newly hatched. Chicks come from fertilised eggs which here been laid by a female chicken from somewhere. In my class we have chicks that are two weeks old and we have two cockerels that are boys and three pullets that are girls and we only get to keep them for two week. This explanation will tell us how to look after little chicks and how to care them.

Main body

Firstly to look after fertilised eggs you have always make sure they warm and make sure the temperature is 37.7 degrees in the incubator.  Also water and heat create humidity and is moisture makes the eggs hatch much faster and easier. Next once three or two have hatched they can move into the brooder to live there until they are too big to live in the brooder.


Once three or two chicks are in the brooder you have to look after them very carefully . Firstly how to look after chicks you have feed them twice a day and fill the water bell up to once to top and to put wood shaving and paper towel so they can sleep and play and so they can enjoy there day. Also in a brooder to because to make them warm you have to get a light bowl that is sixty watts from Pak N save or Count down.  Also for the brooder you always have to change it every thing once a day like the food, water, wood shaving, paper towel to make sure they live clean.


For all time, It is little bit tricky to look after cute, fluffy chicks. Without any help it is hard to look after chicks by yourself and to feed and to provide water and to change everything like their house where the live and the food and water by yourself. Also sometimes chicks can be annoyed by digging there own food.But chicks are very fun and great to look after.        

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