Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Reds Roar all the way through!

Malo lelei blogging world,

So yesterday It was my school athletics day. For you guys out there that don't know Athletic is an day that there are activities that are sport like from the Olympics like running and shot put and high jump those kind of stuff. Also It was a tough game but challenging and fun also it was tremendous. So after all of every team went to each activity we had to meet at the field for an ..... Tug war everyone was so jubilant and they did there immense, good chants my group the red team it went like "Give me a R you got you got you R Give me a e you got your e you gotcha e," and it went like that. So for Tug war the group that came first was the blue team then second was purple then orange then yellow and my team came last after that it was lunch time so after lunch we had to meet back in our teams for first, second, and third. Third place was Yellow and second with 853 point's was green and then first was ....... RED! my team with 857 point's and me and me team was shocked and we celebrated our prize was ice blocks and I hoped you enjoyed my blog post. Please give me feed back about my blog post thank you.