Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Project ignite

Hi Blogger world,

Today I started my cross country feeling cold.  After my cross country run I was hot. My wonderful awesome teacher Miss Fortes let me and my class blog about any thing we want to blog about so I choose to blog about Project ignite. On project ignite you can create anything but the first thing you have to do is complete three lessons. In each lesson you can learn things like how to make shapes go in the air on the z-axis and also make a house or other stuff. Here is a photo of what I created. This is a photo of the medal I created for the Hay Park School Olympics. This what you can make on your second lesson because on your second lesson you get free time to make any thing.

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  1. Hi Raymond

    Thank you for sharing your learning about Project Ignite. I really like how you have explained how project ignite works. I also enjoyed learning about the z-axis. Why did you chose to make your design using TinkerCad and not Google Drawing?

    From Miss Fortes