Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Ned show

Hi blogging world,

Today we were watching the Ned show at our school hall.It was so fun she was so cool and her name was channing when it was almost finished she did this cool, awesome magic trick.The first thing that channing did was ripping paper then she put all of this tissue in her then we she put out her mouth there was colorful bright beautiful colors it was so fantastic.Also she told us what Ned stand for Never give up and e stand for encourage and the last and finally one d stands for DO your BEST.Here are some photos below the writing.

This me and my class with channing she the women with the purple.
And this is my friend from room 8 he is a year five his name is Joseph.HE is smart plus he got a YOYO from channing .

This is Yasmine talking to channing.

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